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Not mean God discriminate servants

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One thing that must be believed is Al-Af'al or to His Oneness of God's deeds. with meaning. there is not an act was in essence, melaikan sheer act of God. with this creed berararti human life rich, poor, cantinya, ugly, bainya, evil, all that happens in nature because qudrat iradat and his God.

thus the nature of which can be delivered in study groups and tabyin maqam. but in the case of non-study groups and tabyin, needless to say things like this. even mandatory for every servant does politeness to his Lord as required to run each ordered what he gets in laws rules of Islam. that good comes from God, bad things arise from lust anger, this is civilized. with manners here Anbiya 'and Saints' obtain degrees and intercession with Allah and with this adab injure the downfall and destruction of the devil and his army, and those who follow the steps and tracks.

consider the Prophet Al-Khidr adabnya as when it is said: "And your Lord willed, that the two orphans until the adult life."
Where the Prophet Khidr as well assume that it is the will of God, but the bad thing is regarded as the act itself. menghikayatkan as God in the Quran: "I'm willing to destroy the ship"
another verse: "It is God who made me, He gave me instructions. and he who gave me to eat and drink. And when I am ill, He is the cure."

Notice where Abraham resuscitate "instructions", "feeding drinking and healing" to God. And his "illness" to himself, when he says "wa idza 'maridtu" means when I was sick, and do not say "wa idza' amradani rabbi" and if God give me pain.

Regarding adab-adab done by Anbiya 'and Saints' against his Lord, as referred to the word of God:
"And nothing about you than your good, then it is from Allah (the light of). And nothing about you from evil, then it is of yourself (the light of Kasab and effort)

and thus in the hadith narrated by Muslim on this matter, "and 'Ali bin Abi Talib, of Rasulullah SAW that he said" And it's not worth the crime was propped against Thee. "(HR, Muslim)

Because decent is good awareness of God, and the bad to himself. the particulars of this, it can be concluded that:
In faith and nature, that everything that is good and bad according to our size, all are acts of God. because essentially nothing other than God who have deeds. this is what is meant by the words Tauhidu Esanya Al-Af'al or acts of God. or according to the Mutakallimin "The title of the ketiada comparison to his deeds. This is the word of God" Say ye, all things come from God. "and this also meant the word of God;" And God does not make you and from anything you do. "
In the Shari'ah and manners, then good things leaning to God and bad things to ourselves

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